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    Hi guys,

    dont no if anyone can help me. Does anyone know where I could get a peacock from in scotland (preferable north Lanarkshire if possible but will travel) and also what's the going rate for a peacock now a days?

    Something got old Percy during the nite! 17 year old he was and he ate out your hand and everything, he was one of the family pets so not amused with the culprit!!!

    thanks in advance rob

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    Thainstone mart in Inverurie has specialist poultry auctions in the spring time and in summer.
    Often get peacocks there
    Dont know when the next one is but check out their website..


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    Rob if you want to come to chshire i have an indian blue about 15months old you can have for free but you will have to collect it


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    Probably a daft question but i presume you are going to deal with the culprit first?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Thanks for the replys guys, mark that's a great offer just a wee bit to far bud

    the culprit is debatable, we did get a wee vixen last nite at the remains but not 100% sure that was the culprit due to the way the peacock had been torn to shreds so I'll b camping out again tonight. The farmers to collies did kill one off our geese last month so I spoke to the farmer who guarantees me they were not out the nite in question!!!

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    Hmmm. Big cats Bigboab. Load up!!!

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    If you need a hand in the stake out gies a bell bud.

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    All the peacocks and peahens running around here all roost in the trees at night have a look and see if any couriers will carry it and i will put it in a timber crate


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