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Thread: Graphic images of head shot gone wrong!

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    Graphic images of head shot gone wrong!

    Hi everyone,

    Just like to draw your attention to the dangers of head shooting wild deer.

    We have posted an article on our blog entitled The Dangers of Head Shooting Deer, and included a couple of graphic images to reinforce - especially to newcomers into the profession/sport - why great care should be taken to ensure precise bullet placement and consequent humane treatment of animals, and to avoid where possible the head shooting of wild deer unless it is an absolute necessity.

    You can view the article by clicking on the following link:


    Included in the article is a simple checklist that can hopefully help people to avoid inflicting this type of suffering on deer.

    DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the images in the article are graphic, and some viewers may find the images upsetting, offensive and/or disturbing. if you feel that you may be affected by such images, then PLEASE DO NOT VIEW THEM.

    Best Regards,

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer

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    good lesson ,good post

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    Not trying to score points but I would have added waiting for some minutes in readiness. Approaching within 30 seconds was a mistake. Easy with hindsight I know.

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    interesting post, coincidentally, I was in a local game dealers this week (they have an attached shop) whilst talking to one of the butchers, he stated they would not buy deer that had been heart/lung shot! apparently he considered it to cause a loss of value to the carcass! personally I think it encourages people to take headshots that otherwise they wouldn't.this post shows the consequences of a near but not quite on-target shot.
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    Good post, game dealers have a lot to answer regards taking heart lung shot ,theres nothing thats hard to trim away , and if you weighed it it would be a tiny amount , any new comers be safe and respectful to your quarry and heart/lung them .

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    I bet the fella that hit it in the jaw was relieved to hear it had finally been dispatched humanely...

    If head shootings your thing and you shoot enough deer i guess the above must be inevitable at some point..
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    Good post.

    I have argued with a professional highland stalker on many occassions of the drawback of head shots.
    I have seen both hinds and calfs require second (and at times third) shot to down after a misplaced head shot.
    Engine room for me all the time unless VERY close



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    Didn't, the game dealer, in one of your videos encourage head shooting.

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    Causing non fatal injuries is part of the job if you shoot enough deer (or not enough) whether you aim for the body, neck or the head.

    We will never agree on this subject on here but sometimes folk forget that non fatal injuries are not solely as a result of head shooting.

    The most important lesson beyond all the talk and argument is that whether it is an intended chest, neck or head shot you are going to take, is to know not only your limitations, but to also use the correct equipment and bullet for the intended job, and to learn what offers the ideal opportunity in decreasing this risk and to not be pushed into taking the shot for any reason!

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    Last doe (and my first) that I shot was a head shot - not intentionally!!!
    The shot was on for a normal broadside chest shot with the doe, head low, looking in my general direction - not spooked or anything
    As I squeezed the trigger the doe seemed to move her head back as is to scratch something or possibly look round behind her.
    The shot caught the head went thro' and into the top of the shoulder.
    Luckily it went thro' the brain and killed the doe immediately.
    I normally take a photo of all my kills but this time it was not a pretty sight and i refrained.


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