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Thread: Leupold QD mounts

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    Leupold QD mounts

    Just wondered if anyone else has this issue? My QD mounts keep coming loose after a couple of shots have been fired, I have two friends with the same mounts who have had no issues, but having just checked my rifles zero, all was fine until the last shot of about 8 which flew 2 inches high and left, on inspection, the lever of the front mound had swung loose and the front rings had jumped up about 1mm out of their seating position. This isn't a one off problem, it's been a recurrent issues which I normally resolve by checking them constantly whilst out stalking, although I'm thinking a drop of thread lock or similar might not be a bad idea. I'm seriously thinking about having fixed mounts and doing away with them totally as they seem to be a weak link in an otherwise very strong chain, any thoughts?

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    have you taken the matter up with Leupold? I for one have not heard of this issue before.

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    Likewise. Mine have withstood hundreds of full power loads from my 6.5x55.~Muir

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    You haven't loosened the allan headed screw by any chance? I have a set of these mounts and to date they haven't caused me any problems.
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