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Thread: seeland keeper trousers

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    seeland keeper trousers

    as in the title brand new never worn a pair of seeland keeper trousers size 36 reg rrp 129 yours for 80 delivered

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    yes please, will a bank transfer do?

    Atb matt

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    yes no problem drop me a pm

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    Hi Swatty
    Have these sold? If not I'll take them.
    Hope you are well and the hinds are playing ball.

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    Hope so, as ive paid for them

    Atb Matt

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    dam to slow, looks like i missed a great buy

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    yes im afraid they have gone to mutley sold within three mins ish hello nick wish the hinds were playing ball but im afraid they are avoiding me like the plague i carnt get near them for love nor money

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    Ah, no worries, thought I'd check as waist has 'moved up' to 36"! Hope the hinds start to play ball.

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