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Thread: tikka 595 243 left handed

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    tikka 595 243 left handed

    as in title i have a left hooker 595 that imtoying with selling its in used condtion woodwork wise and shows signs of mod on barrel screw cut half inch unf ive put 600 rounds through it and it shoots better than me can come with a wildcat pedator short mod which is like new only had 150 rounds through and has never been left on the rifle i think complete package is worth 500 including rfd if neccesary ill try to upload some pictures first change i get wont be till monday

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    Is this the one currently on 'Guntrader'?

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    no not on anywhere other than here

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    i will sell the mod seperate as soon as rifle goes for 100 making rifle 400 ovno

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    im amazed this hasnt gone yet but i guess being a lefty is limiting the market id say even at 400 just for the action its cheap but my new rifle is on the way and if her in doors checks the bank im in trouble so ill let the rifle go for 350 i can send pics to your phone if any ones needs but they wont be great(my phone is crap) this rifle shoots better than me and ive only put 600 rounds through it all factory ammo nowt hot

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    Any chance of posting the pictures on here - or emailing them please?

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    hi swatty will you sell the mounts with it harry

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    sorry harry im keeping hold of them

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    if anyone has a left handed 3006 or 6.5 55 you would like to px then please let me know thanks brian

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