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Thread: How much stalking does one man need?

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    How much stalking does one man need?

    The question is How much stalking does one man need?
    i am currently in a syndicate in SW Scotland where we cull huge amounts of deer. I also have a lease in Yorkshire which I have included a close friend to join, and I also look after the deer on our pheasant shoot in Yorkshire also. I am currently stalking nearly every weekend and with a young family the wife thinks I'm selfish.
    What does one do, do I let the estates down and walk away, or do I find a suitable candidate to take over the running of the two Yorkshire pieces of ground?
    Your thoughts are most welcome.

    ATB 1995rs

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    I think only you can answer your question.
    Once you give it up you won`t get it back.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    You could do the same as Peter did in this area and set up a group managing your ground

    Suffolk deer stalkers - Suffolk Stalkers Deer Management Group

    Its still "his" estates but has others helping with the work
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    Similar discussions crop up in the farming industry, particularly in the tenanted sector. Once someone gets the lease on a bit of land they're reluctant to let go, even if something bigger and better comes along. They just add the new bit to their existing operation, even if it's becoming too big to manage properly. And of course, bigger farmers carry more clout, so even more opportunities come their way to take on even more tenancies.
    In the meantime, the young farmer with ambition can't get a foot on the ladder, because of the above situation.
    There is a need to encourage a situation where those with lots of land enter into agreements with young families trying to make a start, but where the established (more experienced) farmer maintains a degree of interest.
    Share farming agreements are an example of this, but they are few and far between. I think people are too worried about "loosing control" of what they've built up.

    Perhaps something similar could happen in deerstalking? perhaps where an experienced stalker gains an additional, much larger, permission, he should be encouraged to pass over some aspects of the management of his original smaller piece of land to a novice stalker, while retaining the overall control.

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    Its nice to be able to go out everyday of the year hunting if only for a few hours.
    You might tire of pheasant shooting but you always enjoy a stalk in the woods
    or on the hill.

    But in reality you only need to kill enough to supply your family venison protein intake.
    The rest is really superfluous.

    However the more you take on the more responsibility you have to get the target cull etc etc
    then you need a game dealer.

    Yes if you are a family man ,your first responsibilty is to your family,
    you need an understanding wife, and you need to strike a balance.
    if your wife is calling you selfish then is her perception the truth.

    Also there are many newcomers who would love to stalk for a realistic but modest price.

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    well i,m the other way round and not through choice lol, but if you did want too let the yorkshire grounds go please pm me as myself and another lad are trying to find somewhere near home,and we dunt expect owt for nowt. but also if you have someone lined up for it fair play aswell,

    yours hopefully stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    what he said,
    sublet to a syndicate?

    put me on the list please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    what he said,
    sublet to a syndicate?

    put me on the list please.
    +1 on that

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    You will always be called selfish,I would be a millionaire if I had a 10 for every time my mrs said it ,I am sure you got another mate who could help you out

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    Just spoken with my mate, he is going to take over the lease from the start of the buck season, and I shall keep hold of the stalking on the pheasant shoot. He has told me that he will advertise for two rifles for the start of April. Unfortunately the family must come first. ATB 1995rs

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