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Thread: The evening ended badly

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    The evening ended badly

    Picked up billy-best-mate yesterday and off we set to erect a new high seat on my first bit of stalking, Im all excited because I have been blathering on about this patch for weeks, telling him how we will deffo see deer etc.

    Settled down in the seat and sure enough within an hour and well before dark out pops 5 Fallow does, we select and drop one text book style, and I am elated, he is pleased having grafted on the high seat for me and all is good........

    we then heard an allmighty bang, what the**** was that I say, he nods towards the lane and says I know what it was, as I look towards the lane I now see the hazard lights of a large van, it had been belting along the lane piloted by 3 scots lads working on the electricity lines and had hit one of the remaining 4 fallow as they departed my patch via a small wood 100yards away bordering the lane.

    The van had killed a Fallow doe outright but made such a terrible mess of it, this has affected me in some way and I am feeling as guilty as sin, really feel sorry for the deer.

    Having seen a fair bit of blood and guts thats not whats bothering me, its the fact that had I not shot the other one then maybe this would not have happened, such a waste, really pointless.

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    Thatis a shame mate, but don't worry about it .nothing you could do . You shot the other deer , you could of shot 2 but instead it walked in front of a car , like I say , a shame , but can't be helped .

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    if and but are two big words when you look at it like that!!! nowt you could have done pal.

    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    I feel equally sorry for the lad driving the van, but that's just me.

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    Thousands of deer get killed every year by vehicles,bound to have been plenty of good meat left on the carcase so not all bad mate

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    Not your fault! and anyway it could have been a whole lot worse.......(4 dead fallow and 3 dead Scots)

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    First night pigeon roost shooting tonight, every wood manned for miles. On leaving find a roe buck dead on the roadside, exactly the same thing happened in the same place on opening night a couple of years ago as well. Having guns going off from every direction unsurprisingly freaks out the deer and we have a very nasty hedge line which leads straight from our biggest wood to the road. In our worst year eleven Roe (minimum) were killed on a 50 yard stretch of tarmac at the end of this hedge!

    Tonights casualty has not gone to waste, it was very fresh, bled out okay and it was a good clean gralloch!

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    one event always triggers another but if its not deliberate dangerous or reckless
    then it cannot be helped.
    if only I hadnt done this etc etc

    Road crossing points are often signposted
    but who takes a blind bit of notice
    slow down and there will be a bmw or white van man in your boot

    moral......... drive more slowly in deer country and approaching likely crossing points
    if you dont want a red stag in the car with you.

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    Ifs a big word......If your auntie had b....... She would be your uncle...not your fault, you was not driving , you did'nt put the deer in the way .if you were there or not he would still have hit them.

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    Next time you'll have to shoot em all

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