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Thread: Lesion on my Border Terrier

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    Lesion on my Border Terrier

    In early December I noticed a skin tag on the side of my eight and a half year old border terrier, so took him to the vet. Vet advised me to observe it etc. A month later it has doubled in size, become crusty and when the crust comes off it bleeds. Looked on the internet (as you do) and it didn't look good so took him back to the vet this morning quite convinced that he was done for. My doom goblin head was firmly in place.
    Vet examined him and is hopeful that it can be removed but she cannot be sure until the histology is done. The lesion is also infected. So came away with a course of antibiotics and an appointment for surgery on 11th Feb.
    I asked my vet for an estimate of total costs, as I am not insured. Estimate for (all in) surgery, drugs, histolgy etc. is 400,which I thought reasonable.
    Vets often get knocked for their charges but I thought that this was ok. Just hope that it does the trick for the old boy as he should have many a fox, rat, neighbour's cat and even finding a deer for me,left in him yet.

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    Great news Norm .May i ask was he also liking is paw regular because that would be Foot n Mouth or is it paw

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