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Thread: Mineral Deficient

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    Mineral Deficient

    Hi Guys

    Out today for a walk on land that has some of the best Sika in the Poole Basin with my camera i came upon an emaciated yearling.

    The events and thorts on it consumed what would have been a great dive this evening so i welcome your replies on the incident..

    I have pictures but cant get them on the site. Its ribs, spine and pelvis were hanging out and had diorea. It was in such bad condition that i came out from cover, and on approaching it was unable to run or walk away collapsing just looking at me inches away.

    I despatched the animal with a fence post that i found after looking nearby as didnt want it disappearing back into the reed beds for a slow death and my camera was the only other thing being carried..

    So this leads to my first question.. I then went to the estate office to inform them of my actions and where the animal was located.. They accepted without question my actions and after taking my details got in touch with the estate deer manager..
    I know the name of the Deer manager for the estate but am not known to him yet gave my number incase he wanted to contact me..

    He did ring me and i explained my actions. i also gave some names of people as it happens he new well in an effort to show i am a genuine person and i felt i needed to give myself some legitimacy because of how the call was taking shape.. It was a straight talking call..

    How would you guys feel if somebody walking on an estate you manage yet with permission( my permission is to be on the estate not shoot on it ) acted in the way i did??

    During the phone call i asked that if he didnt mind i would like more information about the diseased animal from the gralloch.. His reply is that in the lower field there is a mineral deficiency.. Obviously i am out of my depth here but i was told the animal would no longer be able to feed and the condition would naturally deteriorate worsening over time ..

    What i cant understand is two fields down there are some of the most magnificent Sika in the country. Huge well conditioned and healthy.. The sika on the estate are in large groups however this animal was solitary

    All replies welcome on the site but if somebody would like to pm me ref photos.. Ive got as far as photobucket but cant get them on the site


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    In my mind you were right to dispatch. In fact its a crime that the deer management hadn't dispatched it already. Managed areas l know of are watched constantly for any sign of problems like this -

    Being as you described - it could be as serious as Yersinosis (a problem with the intestines - which has the same affects as what you have described or something far less sinister like it poisoned itself by accident.

    Either way the Deer Manager wouldn't like to hear whatver you have to say (the old my land keep off attitude...which probably explains why you probably got fobbed off and dealt with rather roughly!

    I've had the same when speaking to a private owner (and his manager) of a red herd in a small local park, some were dying of old age and they couldn't understand why!


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    Not sure if this helps but I had the misfortune to watch at close quarters an animal with the symptoms that you describe. I never got to the bottom of it and the herd the animal came from is looking good. This is what I came up with.

    During the process of looking into this issue, I found a local firm
    (burton on trent, staffordshire) that makes supplement and feed blocks for livestock. I have used their feed blocks for sheep before and they love it. What I didnt know is that they also make a deer block. I have included a link to their website which does not show the block, but they do make it. I have several of them and I can tell you Red deer like them. This is a feed block not a mineral block and is designed to ensure that the deer are able to survive on poor grazing especially in winter.

    Its a 20 kilo block and cost around 12. It strikes me that this is a better option than just an attractant.

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    In my mind you were right to dispatch. In fact its a crime that the deer management hadn't dispatched it already. Managed areas l know of are watched constantly for any sign of problems like this -

    Its not really a crime if the estate has not seen the animal before.

    The fact is, the deer was suffering and you put it out of its misery. Not a pleasant way to do it but needs must.


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    Terry this is a difficult one to answer but I'll try:

    You have clearly not endeared yourself [no pun intended] to the deer manager of the estate.

    To dispatch a deer with a fence post "could" leave you open to criticism from some quarters regarding unnecessary suffering as in could be construed you "clubbed" it to death.

    Were you out of mobile range? How far away were you from the estate office? Why did you not try to call for assistance before attempting despatch with a fence post?

    In some quarters it matters not you intent or actions, more weight is given to the perception of your actions [which can be very different believe me] and perhaps the deer manager thinks you have over stepped the mark and took matters into your own hands before calling him?

    Perhaps after a suitable period of time call the Deer manager, apologise for any misunderstanding and offer to meet him/her for a pint and a chat? Better that than letting his/her views of you grow stronger if they are negative?

    Just my 2cents....


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    Hi all and thanks for replys..

    Thanks howa243 the links added greatly to my learning curve..

    Jingzy.. My only concern was making sure this deer suffered no more. Thanks for your reply. I felt under the circumstances it was akin to coming upon a severely injured deer on the road and ending its suffering..

    Rangefinder.. Thanks for your comments. I did club the emaciated deer to death after sitting with it for a few minutes and talking to it and taking photos, whilst that sounds horrific i believe my actions were wholly justified by the extreme condition and extent of disease that was rife.. The willingness with which it went to sleep supported a very dificult and extreme decision..
    I did not call for assistance as was concerned that he may make the reed beds and after reflection believe it was still the right action.

    I will attempt to speak to the estate deer manager in the hope that howa243 link may infact be of interest to him aswell..

    I will try and get the photos up.. Thanks for your comments



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    Thanks to Adam for help with photos


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    They say a photo never lies ,
    going by the photos i would say you did the right thing sleep easy, show the deer manager the photos. It would/has changed my mind of the situation, i manage an estates deer population.

    ATB cervushunter

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    I was not judging you so if I gave that impression, sorry, I was merely trying to show another view/way of looking at it, one that is all too sadly jumped to in some quarters and one that has been applied to me with devastating consequences.

    Hope it goes well for you.



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