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Thread: Final foray

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    Final foray

    Last foray of the feathered season and I was very fortunate to be invited to a keepers day yesterday.

    Weather was better than forecast and we walked one/ stood one with a very respectable bag by the end of the day.

    I actually shot not too bad (for a change....!) on some real testing birds.

    A fine end to the season in truly great company with great craic

    It’s a lovely location and here are a few pics off the phone

    View from a Peg

    Woodcock wonderland

    Even the sun made an appearance on the walk to the last drive

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    Oops - woodcock season closed yesterday!.

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    You are correct sir, my touch pad phone is not easy to ype on, it was yesterday.

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    QUOTE=rigboot;517719]You are correct sir, my touch pad phone is not easy to ype on, it was yesterday.[/QUOTE]

    Well Done!

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