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Thread: 6x48 base screws for remington 700

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    6x48 base screws for remington 700

    anybody any idea where i could get some 6x48 screws ,they are the ones that hold the bases on too the rifle on a remington 700 and most other rifles im led to belive, these are only used in the gunsmithing world so i'm told

    i tried brownels in the U.S. but they wont give me a definite rate on the postage till i place the order ,dont want to pay 20-30 euro on $5 worth of screws
    just looked through the usual european sites and couldnt find anything

    only need them as spares so not under pressure ,would just like a few in the box cos "sure as there is ****e in a goose" i'll lose ,snap ,or cross thread the ones i have when i'm playing swop the scope


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    Buy a cheap set of bases from e-bay, or just buy the screws from a decent fastener supplies.
    I have bought them from here Industrial Fixings in Southend : South Essex Fasteners Ltd
    But don't think they do mail order.


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    Have you tried asking your local friendly RFD?

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    thanks lads ,the buy a cheap set of mounts of ebay idea is probably the best and cheapest way to go..


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    Norman Clarke at Rugby has them.

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