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Thread: Permission template needed

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    Permission template needed

    Afternoon all. I could use some help please.

    I am yet to apply for my first FAC, but I have booked for DSC1 in November and had a chat with my the FEO.

    I am in the Met Police area , although my shooting is not. The FEO mentioned that he is not particularly swayed by DSC1 when granting FAC, but wants to see written permission to stalk and may well insist upon mentoring . If he wants mentoring, then I might as well forget it. I'll talk to BASC if that occurs.

    I have permission to shoot vermin on a super piece of land that I am confident will be cleared for 6.5 X 55. I haven't yet approached the land owner, but written requests have always worked well with him before. I'd like to write and ask and thought enclosing a template for him to sign might do the trick.

    I've seen this, but my arrangement pretty much fits "A bloke free to help himself for no charge", rather than a paid lease or deer management plan.

    Can anybody help?

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    Hi Pob,

    There is an example on here:

    Scroll down to "land Authority" and there is a form that sounds like it will do the trick.

    Don't know if this is a standard form or one which Beds Police have made themselves. Hope it is of use.



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    That will do. Thank you. I might add a section on respect for property, neighbours and 3rd party insurance etc.
    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the link Quercus.

    It's exactly what I was looking for too.

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