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Thread: Which brass manufacturer?

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    Which brass manufacturer?

    How do the different manufactures of brass compare, and which have the best reputation? Looking at loading for .308 and .375 and I'm aware there is a lot of difference in price, but how does that marry up to quality? I've built up a stock of once fired federal from my .308 but not sure where they sit in the sliding scale of quality for brass and I'm going to be needing to buy for the .375 and not sure of any pitfalls with magnum rounds, any advice would be appreciated.

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    Personally I think Lapua cases are the best you can buy - very consistent weight and dimensions. Even with very careful inspection do I rarely find a "less than good" case. I've also found Norma cases to be of good quality.

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    For stalking you don't need to worry.

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    I have used Norma for a few years & a bit now , no problems & can do 10+ reloads.

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    I was thinking this today , which would be the best brass to collect as I have a small stock of Sako, would it be best to source the same or would it be better to start with better cases. can you load different cases with the same load and have the same results?

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    in normal factory rifles using mixed headstamped cases that are carefully made into good reloads you'd never know the difference between the best brass that money can buy and cheap hard brass. The difference is in the quality and ease of working with the better brass, cheaper often much thicker brass can be a pain to FL resize BUT also often has a significantly reduced internal volume and you can find in some calibres with certain powders you run out of space for charges nearer the upper limits!

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    For a hunting gun I traditionally go Winchester brass first , Remington brass second and Federal third if they make for the cartridge and if not I use what I can get thats correctly headstamped .

    For a bench gun I've used both WIN and REM quite a bit . But now if I were making a full blown bench gun I'd more then likely go with Lapua or Norma if they made what I was looking for .

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    Until recently I would have said lapua, but the last batch of new 308 cases I brought were seriously oversized and unusable without trimming and resizing. I target shoot frequently and my brass gets reworked a lot and I have to say that named brands like Remington get loose primer pockets and cracks in the mouths quite rapidly.

    In contrast to common opinion I have cheap mag tech 357 brass loaded to full power over 20 times and unknown DWK rifle brass loaded to full power over 30 with pockets still tight and no splits or thinning. If you can match cases to the gun and neck size only, your groups will shrink guaranteed and case life will improve. Lapua is still a good bet, or otherwise just keep batches together and inspect carefully, don't be afraid to throw brass out.

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    For a hunting gun I traditionally go Winchester brass first , Remington brass second and Federal third if they make for the cartridge and if not I use what I can get thats correctly headstamped .
    That is very interesting. Do you have an opinion on the brass used by Hornady in its factory ammunition?

    My observations with Winchester I'll confine to 303 British and, in that calibre, I found that it would give head separation a lot earlier than would brass made by Kynoch which was, in its Boxer primer manufacture, in fact Norma. It seemed to me that whilst Winchester brass has the greatest capacity it comes at the price of thinner case walls at the area just above the case "web" area.

    I am currently using Winchester brass in my 270 Winchester because of the greater case capacity as I re-load with H4831 in its original "long grain" configuration. I have also used Hornady factory ammunition cases in 270 Winchester (the type headstamped as "Frontier") and I thought that it very soon gave loose primer pockets with what were far from top loadings of powder in IMR 4350 or H4831.

    I'd welcome and invite some input from 6PT-SIKA on these above comments....

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    Lapua for me in 308

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