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Thread: is the humble bunny in decline

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    is the humble bunny in decline

    as the title says, i was out this morning with ferrets and shotgun and for 5 hours i shot 6 rabbits.
    they seem to be thin on the ground this year and a lot of the burrows had nothing in them.
    when out foxing, i have not seen many on the lamp. a good thing for farmers, but not for shooters.
    i would be intrested to here what others have to say.

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    Very little on the ground around my area, we still keep ferrets but they have little to no work these days.
    Seems to be a trend of fewer and fewer rabbits up here as the years progress

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    We did have thousands - now have one or two - ferrets long-gone - purse and longnets rotted and lurchers hobbled.

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    I'm not seeing many lately either.

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    I've forgotten what they look like
    Just got back in from an afternoon walk round, saw one, on the next door farm where I don't have permission.


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    Not the numbers about that there used to be even after harvest only saw 4-5 cant remember the last time i shot one to be honest

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    So what are peoples theories as to the decline? Raptors? Disease? More foxes?

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    We had a lot in North Wales but nothing like the numbers now. Myself and Kalahari reckon there is a correlation between rise in buzzard and corvid numbers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom D View Post
    So what are peoples theories as to the decline? Raptors? Disease? More foxes?
    Bad winters followed by wet summers and more bad winters, fields flooded this year and last.
    Stick Mixy in with the above and they don't have much chance do they.
    Only fox problem round my way is a lack of them, nothing else to eat the rabbits so has to be the weather and mixi.
    My permission was teeming with them when I started shooting there, first 3 years were great, made a decent reduction but left a
    couple of areas alone as the rabbits were feeding around the lakes, saves me cutting the grass, but even they are gone now
    Only thing to come from the lack of bunnies is proving to the farmer it never was the rabbits eating the majority of his crops.
    I always said it was Moorhens as the missing crops were always round the lakes, 2 of them in particular, I have hit them very hard
    this winter, but it's a loosing battle as they just move from other lakes to the best feeding, must have shot over 300 this winter
    and there is no visible difference in the numbers showing.


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    We have virtually no rabbits now. It is down to a disease causing internal haemerraging in the lungs. The rabbits die quietly down the warrens unnoticed.


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