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Thread: The right decision in the end.

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    The right decision in the end.

    I was up nice and early this morn, dogs woke me up so I decided to have a cuppa and looked out of the kitchen window "it was snowing" should I or shouldn't I.
    Bugger it, got my rifle and gear together, made my flask up, then went to put everything into the truck only to find the canopy lock frozen solid. I threw a cup of warm water onto the lock "result". Then off I set for the half an hour drive or so. I pulled into the farm drive way and immediately saw three roe running through a small wood "good start" at least there are deer moving. I parked the truck up got my sticks, rifle but I had left my binoculars on the kitchen bench b*****d.
    I made for a high seat on the edge of a small wood overlooking a large field, I climbed up after checking it for damage etc and got myself comfortable.
    I sat and watched two cock pheasants and a few partridge feeding but no deer showed themselves. After about an hour I decided to climb down and have a look about on foot, it was freezing sitting high up there anyway. I turned to pick my sticks up only to see a Doe with two followers come from out of a small plantation, I slowly bent down and made for a small stone wall and placed my rifle on to my hat so I didn't scratch it on the stone, I looked through the scope and decided if one was a Doe I would take the shot, the first one following the Doe looked like a buck but the second one turned and I could see it was a young doe so I took the shot and down it went. "Result". I did the cralloch and made back to my truck only to find the lock had frozen up again, my hot tea came in handy to release the lock. I made my way back home seeing another six roe feeding on the sunny side of a wood but I decided one was enough and they would be there for another stalk, my freezer is now full.

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    The frozen truck

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    The young Doe

    Atb John.

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    Nice right up mate. Makes it worth going out in the cold!!!

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Nice day out then, well done


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    Nice result .

    may I suggest some anti free on that lock!

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    well done nice write up, i see you still have plenty of snow up there, you get sorted with a calibre or you still wanting to try a .308
    "Seek the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"

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    Spoony mate,I've just got the papers through for my renewal .I'll try your .308 if the offer is still there.
    Atb John.

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    Job sorted Brithunter,I think i need some sort of cover to keep the ***** etc from fouling the lock.
    Atb John.

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