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Thread: Zeiss Duralyt 2-8x42 or 3-12x50

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    Zeiss Duralyt 2-8x42 or 3-12x50

    Looking at new scope but what do people think is best for general stalking over mixed ground,some close shots some at range. 2-8x42 or 3-12x50?
    Iam no expert so would be glad of some opinions.

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    ive got the 3-12 x50 duralyt m8, i would go for this one over the 2-8x42 as it gives more flexibility and light gathering.

    also if your funds permit go for the illum model as that little red dot is ace i use it all the time, excellent for foxing and low light work on deer

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    3-12x50 is a Great scope, will buy another but with IR this time...


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    I have one of each,both IR, both very good for the money but if i had choose one it would be 3-12x50 for general stalking.

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    I have one that I bought to put on my 222, meantime I am using a Z6, so I have one here BNIB unused If you want It 3-12x50 illuminated 60 reticle...Beat the rush before It goes In the classifieds...

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    I would prefer the higher mag one. you wont notice much between 2x and 3x. However when you shoot at distance you will notice the difference between 8x and 12x

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    Thanks everyone for replys.Sparko cheers for offer but will have to buy one on monthly(uttings or the likes) as just got new rifle so money is depleted...Mick

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    You are right there, It certainly is a chunk of money In one go...I have said this before, how shooters just get used to the prices that manufacturers / retailers ask...But In real terms we are talking about large sums...Hope you get fixed up sooner rather than later...ATB

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    I contemplated the same issue and went for a 2-8X42 for two reasons, 1) I wanted the lowest power in a variable for closer range shooting but still able to take longer shots and 2) a more compact and lighter scope. I do have it in illuminated reticle too as I think this is best suited to closer range shots I would take in the dusk. I would be less inclined to take a long shot in the dusk anyway. The 3-12X50 may be the most popular option and is still enticing, but so far I have no complaints about the highest power being 8 only. I can certainly shoot with both eyes open on 2 with the illuminated reticle that I really like for close woodland cover when there is not much time get on to the target. Personal preference nuancing, but the stalking you do and distance you feel happy to shoot at as well should inform the choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparko View Post
    I have one that I bought to put on my 222, meantime I am using a Z6, so I have one here BNIB unused If you want It 3-12x50 illuminated 60 reticle...Beat the rush before It goes In the classifieds...
    I bought one for my .222 as well. I use a long 200 yd zero on that rifle for long range rabbit shooting and I found the turret increments on the Duralyt were too large. I'm now using a Meopta 3-12 X 56 R1 on the triple and its much easier to get the zero spot on. I'm finding the 1st focal plane reticle works very well for fox lamping too. The Duralyt will now go on my .308 where it should be much more at home.
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