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Thread: Cleaning the cleaning kit

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    Cleaning the cleaning kit

    With the end of the game shooting season like many others I shall be taking extra care to clean the shotgun, but what about the cleaning kit? Particularly things like wool mops, boresnakes and brushes, what is the best way of cleaning these? atb Tim

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    Wool mops can be washed in ordinary washing up liquid then dried. Bronze brushes can be flushed in clean bore cleaning solution the also washed with hot water and washing up liquid. Wipe the rod down with a damp cloth and IMHO throw the bore snake in the bin.

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    For the bronze brushes soak them in kerosene or parrafin. An old jar (with the lid screwed down) is ideal.

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    BH, you may not be alone in disliking bore snakes but I find a pull through is easily carried in the field and is a quick and convenient way of getting rain out of shotgun barrels ahead of getting home to use rods & brushes. atb Tim

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    Oh I own several brand new "pull Throughs" they will stay that way new un-used as well. The last one came with a p-H Armourers Rod I bought to add to the little collection. The rod is used but funnily enough the pull though is still new and not used ........................................ wonder why .................................... the other two or three are genuine 303 ones I bought to go with the oil bottles.

    I do not now nor do I even intend to have a Bore snake in the house.

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