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Thread: Amulance chasers

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    Amulance chasers

    I think someone upset the IT guy, read the customer comment half way down on the right,

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    Good one B#### must be phonein' textin' and emailing him once too often.

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    Be fair, it might be a genuine claim, a Freedom of Information request to Brighton & Hove City Council might be very revealing. atb Tim

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    so she got a BUM deal then

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    So much for client confidentiality! lol

    Well spotted. Wouldn't suprise me if it was indeed genuine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6.5rem700 View Post
    so she got a BUM deal then
    And here's me thinking it was a HE

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    For the last Thirty Years my Wife has assured me Women did not do that kind of thing .


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    All this claims business appears to be a cottage industry. atb Tim

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