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    Hello All

    Hi there my name is Lee I have been hunting now for quite some years but with birds of prey. Started going out on the odd occasion with friends who have rifles back last year. Then started to get the bug. Went and got my self a CZ 17hmr. Then I booked a DMC level 1 course for the 13th of Oct with Basc. I also joined the British Deer soicity. I have chaperone for now and last week bought my rifle. I have a Sako 85 finnlight 25-06. I have a North Star Mod and Swarovski scope. Going out tomorrow morning with it for the first time (Apart from when I zeroed it) depending on the weather so hopefuly might see a nice Buck. Cant wait to read through the forum and might meet some new people.


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    I looked about 6 different makes before I made my mind up. But the place where I bought my gun what ever he had there I could try out first. I'm well pleases with it. The guy also made my rounds for me first 50 were free.

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