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Thread: I would like one of those nice cammo bum-bag things:?

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    I would like one of those nice cammo bum-bag things:?

    I've seen a couple from America and just wondered what people used to carry around their kit etc.

    Up untill recently l've used an ex-army satchel bag in the green thick material - only trouble is its getting clumbersome now l'm sat in high seats more often etc.

    These Cammo bum-bags have 3/4 pockets around the belt and the belt has one of those wide crimp clips??

    Any help would be appriciated!


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    Sounds like you mean belt kit Tommo. Like this?

    Most army surplus stores sell them, and there are loads of them online...

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    Hi Tom

    If you go into an army surplus store knowing beforehand what kit you want in each pouch you can select various sizes of pouch to suit your preferance/requirements..

    My own belt is not discimilar to what SteveOh has posted and works well for me


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    camo storage belt

    TOMMO corbieton stalking accessories has something similar, or enter item number 250461157168 on ebay
    Hope this helps

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    I'm on my third belt pack now, mainly because I've been streamlining the amount of kit I lug around with me as I get more into stalking. I'm now down to the essentials, with everything else staying in the truck.

    I used to use a RedHead beltpack from Bass Pro in the States - big enough for your stalking kit, spare clothing, fluids, food and probably a kitchen sink - well made, cheap as chips in the US and has loads of add-on accessories like drinks bottles, 2-way radio holders etc. I'd probably still pick this one up if I was planning long treks over the hills after Reds...

    I then downgraded to a smaller belt pack from Corbieton:

    ...and now just use the little belt pouch from the same supplier - it's plenty big enough for gloves, arm covers, spare Frost knife, midge stuff (DEET / net), deer drag / para cord, wipes, basic 1st aid, mobile, zip ties, flexi rod and spare ammo. I use an 2" wide army webbing belt.


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    Hi Tom,

    Try one of these snugpak packs, very well made and not too pricey.,0,0,11,5

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    I use a Cabelas fanny pack, sorry I'm not technical enough to put a link on here but look on their website for a seven pocket fanny pack, it comes in realtree hardwood and is simply brilliant. It arrived in less than a week and was around $44 dollars shipped.

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    I've got the same bum bag as HillBilly - see:

    Although I only paid $17.99 for mine when I visited their Hamburg, PA store

    It's the perfect size for stalking - I can get the following in mine:

    LH small pocket - Buttolo roe call (so can use without removing)
    LH big (inside) pocket - baby wipes, rubber gloves, small bottle of alcohol hand sanitiser, small metal spreader
    LH small (outside) pocket - spare batteries for camera
    RH small pocket - para string
    RH big (inside) pocket - small digital camera
    RH small (outside) pocket - swiss army knife
    Large back pocket - MTM case with 10 rounds spare ammo, firearm certificate, small gambrel, plastic bags (gralloch for the use of), blood/tick sample kit (part of BDS survey)


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