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Thread: Play in Swarovski scope eyepiece?

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    Play in Swarovski scope eyepiece?


    I recently picked up a nice S/H 'as-new' Swarovski 5-30x50BT scope that was only a few months old. However, there does appear to be quite a bit of play in the eyepiece, so much so that you'd think it was a sub 50 scope and I'm concerned its going to be affecting accuracy. As the scope is intended for long range varminting this could be very important, so does anybody else have a similar experience with their Swaro scope and if I return it, will they be able/willing to rectify it? I'd appreciate your opinions and apologies if this has been covered before - I did a search but couldnt find anything?

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    Hi Dodder,

    No lateral play in my eyepiece (8x56). The eyepiece is however spring loaded (back and forward) which is a safety feature to stop you damaging your eye on the scope due to the recoil of the rifle.

    If its lateral play take it back to the seller if it was sold " as new" or alternatively send it back to Swarovski, their customer service is excellent.


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    Thanks Willie, but I'd be interested in hearing from anybody else to see whether or not I am alone with this problem. I might pop into my local dealer and have a look at some of their Swaros just to see.

    Thanks again.

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    No lateral play at all in my Swarovski scopes. As Willie mentioned, they will move in if you push them forwards though but that's intended

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    Just send it back to Swarovski. As said Customer Service is excellent and you'll have the confidence in knowing they've checked it out, polished it etc - and all but made it a new scope. It'll be back in a few weeks for the cost of the parcel to Surrey.
    Forget looking at other scopes and wondering - it's what the servicing policy is there for.

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