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Thread: Wildboar hunt in sweden

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    Wildboar hunt in sweden

    Hello every one. I'm a hunter from Sweden who would like to swap hunts with some one in the UK or Scotland.

    I live in the south of Sweden and it's a lot of wildboar, moose, roedeer and smallgame as fox, badger, marten, hare, different birds on my hunting properties. There's also small numbers of fallowdeeer and moufflonsheep. (not good hunts on them)

    I would like to swap primary wildboarhunt but you could hunt everything you want. And how you want, stalking, from towers, at feeding grounds or with dogs. I got three huntingdogs for the moment. I would like to hunt muntjac, Chinese waterdeer, Reddeer, Fallowdeer, Sikadeer or something else.


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    Hello boar hunter and welcome
    Do you know my good friend Mr Lars Schepler
    regards andy

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    No i dont know him Andy. Where in Sweden does he live?

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    He runs a large dog training place near Norrkoping and I have hunted there and other areas in Sweden quite a few times
    regards andy

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    Lars Schepler runs Mamima Jakt in Boda, east of Lynköping.
    I was hunting twice the week before last near Broby. I work my spaniels a lot in that part of Sweden and hunt Älg, roe and boar here south of Borås

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    I must say its a fantastic area and lars has a lovely place
    he has also hunted here with me several times for roe bucks , muntjac and Chinese
    regards andy

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    Okey. I know about the place! But a live around 200miles from him, in the south of sweden.

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    I also got licens for Two big moosebulls and free amount of moose calfs! I got several hunting areas.

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    I'd love to have a go at moose but only have roe ground , sorry ola .
    Good luck with the swap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    I'd love to have a go at moose but only have roe ground , sorry ola .
    Good luck with the swap
    Thank you. Yes its big and impressiv animals! I got really good population of roedeer on my own hunting ground. Only shoot 3bucks the last 5 years so the next season its time to shoot alot more on that hunting ground.

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