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Thread: Urgent help/advice desperatly required.

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    Urgent help/advice desperatly required.

    Basically,my tika t3 will now not extract cases,fired or unfired.It just can't seem to grab the lip on the case for some reason.
    i have tried loading new rounds,as well as home loads and nothing seems to cycle at all.
    I dont know what to do,can anyone reccomed or help in any way please.other wise it's a case of a new bolt.

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    Don't panic, shouldn't need a new bolt. It will be the ejector claw. Have you cleaned the bolt face and made sure there isn't any gunk gumming it up?

    If there is an issue with springs etc a smith can strip and repair.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    I don't know the tikka but can you insert a fired case onto the bolt face. If so does the extraction jaws engage. If not check the face is not fouled or damaged. Rare but has the barrel moved? The bolt then does not reach in far enough. It is unlikely to fire if this has happened. Jim

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    The bolt face is clean, i can load a fired case and close the bolt no problem,i can also load a new virgin brass and close bolt no problem,but it just wont eject anything at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    Don't panic, shouldn't need a new bolt. It will be the ejector claw.
    This is the most likely... What does your ejector look like?

    This is a T3 (.223)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	T3 Ejector 002.jpg 
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    Is the spring loaded pin, springing? They jam up sometimes.


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    Yeah, it should do this:

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    Attachment 24345

    Gentlemen i ow you all a big thank you and apology for wasting your time.In my hast to solve the problem i failed to notice it was missing.
    thank you all for solving the problem,now Where would i get such a replacement?

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    Attachment 24349side view.............
    A geneuine thank you all again for solving the issue,i feel a like a ****.....appologies.

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    Yep... that would do it!

    I wonder how that happened though... is the pin that holds it in missing also, or has it broken?

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