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Thread: .222 lee loader

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    .222 lee loader

    As above in used but good condition. .222 Rem. Complete with instructions etc.

    30 posted.

    Attachment 24346Attachment 24351Attachment 24350Attachment 24348
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    Bump and a price reduction to 30 posted. Can post first thing tommorow. These are quite rare to get a hold of in .222Rem.

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    I'll take this at 30 posted please.

    I've always wanted to try one and I happen to have a super accurate .222 so it will be a good experiment to compare results with my normal loads.

    Please drop me an email letting me know how to pay and I'll send you my delivery address.

    No panic to post the item as I have no idea when I am going to find time for experimenting!


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    Sold to Glyn pending usual.

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