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Thread: droppers or scales ?

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    droppers or scales ?

    morning all ......

    as im new to reloading , and im loading only reasonable amounts say 40 rounds at a time would it be better to use droppers instead of scales ?

    cheers lee

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    I'm a bit confused here, and I suspect you are, scales are for measuring the amount of powder, a dropper is for adding powder which means they have to be used in conjunction with each other.

    Now are you talking about using a powder measure and "Throwing" the powder directly into the case, as opposed to measuring each separate charge individually. If so then IMHO if you have a powder dispenser set up and you are making hunting rounds, then I would go with the dispenser and check the weight being thrown by measuring every tenth charge.


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    regardless of whatever way you dispence the powder you will always need a scales to check the charge thrown. I presume you are using the individual dippers from Lee?
    Don't just assume that they are correct, you need to check with a scales. Therefore an accurate scales are esential to all reloaders, (along with accurate information - loading manual or access to the internet).

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    yes sorry for the confusion , i was on about the dippers form LEE ! to me they seem quite an efficient way of measuring the powder instead of scales .
    but i can see the case for using both !!

    cheers lee

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    i wouldnt even bother with those dippers the best use i ever seen for them was a bloke who used to rub it on his trousers to get a bit of static on it and use it to pick up 3 or 4 grains of powder to help tip the scales

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    The Lee dippers are an efficient method of measuring powder by volume once you have developed a system to ensure consistency. When I started reloading we would make our own dippers using cut down cases with a wire handle soldered on to the bottom of the case. With practise it is possible to throw charges that are equal in consistency to any charges thrown by a powder thrower (not an electronic dispenser).
    The Lee dippers are simple ,cheap and they work. However every reloader will always need a acess to a good set of scales to ensure that the amount that they throw irrespective of what the chart says, is the correct charge for your reload. When I say good set of scales I don't include Lee scales, personally I think that they are some of the cheapest and nastiest bits of reloading equipment that you can waste your money on.

    My personal opinion of Lee equipment is that they produce some reasonable items and some poor items, but are a good starting point for someone getting into reloading. Value for money - difficult to fault them. The company certainly doesn't make any false claims as far as I am concerned.

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    thank you for your advice , what would you surgest for a decent set of scales ? im determind to go into this reloading properly or not at all !!
    im open to all the advice i can get !


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    i have used the nastiest scales lee do and 8x57 is right the work but the aint the best, but they do work i now use the electronic rcbs scales but to be honest i would prefer a good set of normal rcbs

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    A simple good quality magnetically dampened beam balance by RCBS, Lyman, Dillon etc take some beating. I think most of them are possibly made in the same factory painted the correct colour and badged up for the individual companies. I was offered a straight swap by a fellow rifle club member, my balance scales for his RCBS electronic dispencer and I turned it down. I don't regret it, my moto is keep it simple.

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    I'd vote for electronic scales - simple and easy. I've had, and used, beam scales but always reach for the electronic ones now.


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