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Thread: Yorkshire pudding part 2?

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    Yorkshire pudding part 2?

    Here's the problem. I ordered the YP pan, but it ships from GB and will be here the second week of March!! I would like some before then. I have an 8" heavy cast iron skillet. Can I make it in that? how much batter should be in the bottom of the pan? Also, how long will the batter last in the 'fridge, or should I make more and warm them up/how? thanks in advance, capt david

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    Use any metal roasting tin.

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    Just go for it David, the ingredients can't cost much more than a couple of bucks? Try the skillet, HOT fat in the bottom, with 1/2" of mixture. Try it, worst that can happen is you try it again? I guess they could be frozen but have never tried it!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Use a muffin tin, they'll be small but should rise well.

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    Yorkshire puddings are just what people in the usa call Popovers....

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