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Thread: IOR scopes

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    IOR scopes

    Hi everyone
    I am looking to see if anyone has used these scopes and to see how good they are i now there not the best but my budget after paying for rifle wont be that great.

    Many Thanks lyon

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    I've got my eye on one to go on top of my rifle once i save up a few pennies... They are absolutely great quality for the money - not that far off the 'big names' for half the price.

    I've had a look through the scope of another forum member and was extremely impressed to say the least (it confirmed to me that I made the right choice and now am just waiting to get one). I've heard nothing but good things about them.


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    Re: IOR scopes

    Quote Originally Posted by lyon
    Hi everyone
    I am looking to see if anyone has used these scopes and to see how good they are i now there not the best but my budget after paying for rifle wont be that great.

    Many Thanks lyon
    Spend the better money on the optics then buying the rifle. There`s some decnt second hand rifles about now.

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    Equally as good as any of the top scopes, Glass is made by Schott, same as S&B.

    The "F" class shooters are changing to IOR from Nightforce,which says everything..

    2/3rds the price of Swaro or Zeiss or S&B.
    Call Lee @ Border Barrels he will give you a good price...

    You will not be dissapointed!!


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    Go to the search facility and type in IOR and scopes and you will find more information


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    I attended the recent Long Range Shooting course that was organised through the site. Before that I'd been looking for a new scope as my old Zeiss 6x42 was due for replacement. I had really set my heart on one of the new Swaro Z6i's and almost took the plunge at the Cotswold Shooting open day a week or two before.

    On the course we got to look at, and use, the IOR scopes. I was very impressed with the quality of the optics and the build of the scopes themselves, and all the reports said that they were tough as old boots! On my return I trawled the web to gather as much info as I could, as I'd not heard of IOR scopes before. Everything I read backed up the thoughts in the mails above - great optics, build quality and price.

    A few days after the course I took the plunge and bought the IOR 4-14x50 scope with illuminated reticle and target turrets. I bought my scope from Lee at Border Barrels and was lucky enough to get in before the latest round of exchange rate variations. The service was great, with the scope turning up next day as promised. A week later I had the mounts and Bulter Creeks and fitted the scope to my rifle (a .308 Sako 75) and a zeroing session on the range confirmed everything was sorted.

    From a practical perspective I have to say I'm very pleased with the scope. It's not a small scope, but I can't say I've noticed any difference in weight against the old Zeiss. The 'hamburger' target turrets were a bit of a concern at first, but experience now suggests that this was mis-placed. The turrets have a very positive 'click', so there's little if any chance of accidentally turning them. Besides, it's easy enough to check both elevation and windage zero as part of the pre-stalk routine - and you can get regular style turrets if you prefer.

    My scope came with the MP-8 dot reticle:

    Although this might look complicated, in practice it's a very easy reticle to use. Other than on paper targets I haven't needed anything other than the 'dot' in the middle for my stalking so far. Similarly, I've not had need to use the illuminated reticle in anger, as low-light performance is excellent. When I've tested it out 'for fun' it's proved very capable with a good range of brightness through the rheostat control. Just be aware that the whole of the cruciform is illuminated - I'd prefer a switch to let you select either the whole cruciform or just the dot.

    For my general type of stalking (lowland roe and muntjac) I can't say yet whether the scope will make a huge difference, but my accuracy on the range has certainly improved significantly. Most of the time when stalking I leave the zoom on 8 (or as close to 8.5 as I can get to match my bino's), but I'm looking forward to making more use of its capabilities when I get up to Scotland in September. If you can wait until then, you're more than welcome to have a look through my scope .

    You can check the Valdada website here:

    I know it's difficult to give an objective comparative review without having the other scopes alongside. I looked through them all up in Scotland and there was little discernible difference. This appeared to be borne out by a recent issue of Shooting Sports that scored the IOR scopes well, although the Zeiss appears a hands-down winner. I have no doubts the Swaro and the S&B are good scopes, and I am in the fortunate position that I could have afforded one. However, unlike with my bino's, I couldn't justify spending that much money on the scope when the IOR performed as well (to my mind) for something like 50% to 75% of the price. I'd certainly rate the scope and would have no concerns about recommending it. But optics are a very personal thing, so if you can get down to Border Barrels to have a look at them 'in the flesh' then do so.

    Let me know if I can help with any other information.


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    very nice write up!!

    For your or anyone else's information I used an IOR 9-36x56 scope on my 7mm WSM which I used to shoot in the F-class World Champs at Bisley just last week.

    As a shooter selected for the GB team you can imagine the risk I was taking swaping my tried and tested trusty Nightforce NXS for the new unfamiliar IOR.

    I'm glad to say that the scope's performance was outstanding to say the least.

    shooting with the scope at 800y 900y,1000y, 1100y and 1200yards in the Match rifle events was very clear and crisp, scope elevation and windage turrets were spot on.

    I also used the IOR 6-24x50 on my 6.5-284 which I used to shoot on the short range events 300y,500y and 600y. Once again an outstanding piece of kit.

    In the world champs, Team GB took the gold medal by a whoping 59 points!

    Will I be putting my nightforce back on? NO CHANCE!!!


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