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Thread: Night sights again......Pulsar N550, performance advice please.

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    Night sights again......Pulsar N550, performance advice please.

    Hi, visited the Sportsman gun centre today, they have some of the old model pulsar digisights for sale for £870.
    Seems like a bargain.
    I have read reports, some good some not so, do any of you learned gents have first hand experience?
    I am after a N/V scope to fit on a .223.
    This is a lot of money for me to outlay (if my wife found out I intend to spend that much it may end in divorce) so I want to make sure the unit is fit for purpose.
    would you be able to shoot a Fox at 200 yards?
    Is the battery life so bad that you do need the battery pack?
    How about in the field...........

    Any advise would be appreciated.

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    It should do but you will need to buy an extra illuminator. There goes another£125. Have a look at the nitesite. Variation on the theme but does work well and is cheaper. However you will need a side parallax scope.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Thanks, its so difficult to make a decision as I havnt any first hand experience.
    Dont want to end up buying something that wont do the job.
    There is no way I can try all the different options, so I must rely on your advice.
    Do you mean the DFA75 ? or another forward mounted unit?

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    There seems to be a lot of people selling the units second hand too! why?

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    If you can't afford it mate, i wouldn't bother buying one. I sold mine after owning it for a month, it did what it was supposed to but i was irritated by the short battery life and the fiddling with buttons/ knobs constantly. Also the 4x mag was a limiting factor. It may have got better if i had spent some time learning the system but i already had a gen2+ so i guess i had been spoilt. With so much new stuff appearing, it might be worth waiting a bit longer for something better.
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    Thanks oneeye.
    I may just wait and see what the new pulsar photon looks like.

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    I'm not that impressed with my N550. It works but I don't think its well made or particularly shooting friendly and its been unreliable. I've got a drunken reticle and it won't hold zero, and that's on a .22 LR. There's a load of crap on them which you're paying for but will never use and the ergonomics are terrible. I wouldn't want to tie down a .223 to night time only use and the Pulsar won't make the most of the potential range. You're better off squirreling maney away with the aim of getting an Archer while keeping an eye on the matket to see what else comes along. Unless you win the lottery or go for strategic divorce thermal imaging is out so you'll need IR illumination whatever you get. The Nightmaster 800 is leading the pack. You could always buy one with the red and IR LED in the meantime.

    One thing I will say for Pulsar, they've introduced shooters to the advantages of digital NV. Whats really needed is an objective Digi add-on that works. But I've got doubts about Pulsar pulling it off. They strike me as being the Amstrad of the optics world.

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    Thanks Finch, you dont get that sort of information in a magazine article but its invaluable.
    I think the massage is not bother with a 550.

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    No problem. The price SGC are quoting is only a 10 percent discount. If it was £500 or less it would be worth a punt. When a quality digi add-on does come on the market at a good price, N550s and even 750s will be going for a song. Trouble is an add-on from Pulsar will be way overpriced so they don't devalue their other scopes to the point they're unsalable. I think there's a shake up comming in the digi NV maket.

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    I would recommend having a look at the Yukon Photon when it comes out.

    Newer sensor, chip etc than N550 and for the money that combined with a Night Master NM800 will be fantastic value for money.

    Adding a Night Master NM800 makes a remarkable difference to digital kit, which is reliant on high IR levels.

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