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Thread: .22lr semi-auto or bolt action

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    .22lr semi-auto or bolt action

    hi, at the moment i have a 10/22 semi auto which ive had from new for just over 10yrs, im looking to swap for something different but im not sure weather to go for a bolt action or stick with the semi auto. The 10/22 isnt that bad, i had it tuned and it made it smother and queiter, but the sound of the action is still queit lound, but its handy if you need a quick 2nd shot.
    any throught and comenets are gladly welcome

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    do like my bolt action,but both have advantages.

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    yep, theres pros and cons for both, is a hard one

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    For something different why not try a lever action , fast second shot if required ,the Marlin Golden 39A is my favourite .Is this for another .22RF or replacing the 10/22 ?

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    never throught about a under lever will look at them thanks

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    I own a model 62 winchester long barrell Pump Action. There used to be a few
    makers of these rifles and they were fast and accurate. Worth consideration ???

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    bolt action every time .never had a malfunction ever never even stripped the bolt as for second shot never needed one of those either ....********ter

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    Pump or lever action are good fun but if you are shooting a lot of rabbits , they are a pain to reload. especially if you have been used to having a pile of preloaded detachible mags.

    10/22 imo is the best semi auto on the market. Personaly, I would go bolt action. BRNO/CZ are well proven [if not a bit agricultural] the ruger ba is a good rifle and you will be able to use any mags you have for the 10/22. I think ruger also do an underlever, using 10/22 mag system.

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    Ive been pondering this one since I got rid of my bolt action.
    I still have my 10/22 semi. I have been looking for a Remington Fieldmaster pump action .22lr there are few for sale on the web but too far away for me to inspect before buying.
    Haven't discounted the under lever either

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    I replaced my Remington 597 S/A with a CZ 452 B/A. The Remington was just too fussy over the ammunition, especially subsonics and the CZ has proved to be more accurate, but that may be because I am no longer distracted by the frequent malfunctions of the S/A. atb Tim

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