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Thread: White-tailed vs roe deer?

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    White-tailed vs roe deer?

    I've only hunted W-T deer in Texas. They are not accustomed to people and very wary. I can't imagine stalking them. I believe that they would sense the stalker and run before one ever got a chance for a shot. Has anyone here hunted both? I would appreciate your thoughts. thanks capt david

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    I've never hunted Whitetail, but I know that plenty of Americans do still-hunt them with some success.

    Roe are not generally considered "difficult" to stalk, but i suspect how hard or difficult varies with the local circumstances, deer population density, disturbance levels and stalker pressure ect.

    That said, it is generally accepted that Sika are the most difficult of our deer to stalk, but they too are often still-hunted successfully although more man hours per animal are usually required to get one in the larder..



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    I've stalked Whitetail in Ontario with a bow, managed to get within range, probably less than 40 yards but didn't get a shot. I would consider them generally to be about the same as stalking a lone Fallow in woodland - easier than getting close to a group of fallow!
    I wouldn't consider Roe to be difficult to stalk and agree with Pete E than Sika are probably the most difficult - although so saying that, I've managed to get within 25 yards of a Sika stag, couldn't afford to shoot him and certainly didn't like the way he was looking at me!

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    Ive hunted WhiteTail when I lived in Canada and to be honest I didnt find them anymore difficult to stalk on to than Roe. So long as you have decent fielcraft,good eyes, read the wind and take it as slow as possible you will get within an acceptable shooting distance.


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    stalked without a rifle and the whitetail I saw in NE Canada were pretty stupid if you ask me!
    especially those anywhere near farm land/roads etc

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    Yep stalked both, whitetail last November in Montana.
    I think the roe are a little more switched on to deer hunters.
    I stalked my whitetail, well away from the road and farm, it was a challenge, and it was well aware something was up, but it was too late for it as i squeezed my trigger!
    My buddys whitetail was different, adjacent to the farmhouse, it saw him creeping up but wasn't bothered, a really easy stalk.
    The funny thing was we just knocked on the farmers door and the lady said 'help yourself but dont shoot the nice buck down there as my teenage daughter wants to!

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    I can agree with the view that sika are the spookiest deer species. I find fallow very difficult to get close to in woodland as there are so many pairs of eyes, some of which you won't have seen, but sika are something else. I was stalking sika with Brian (Jamross) last October and we were about to leave the shelter of the edge of a wood when we spied some sika coming over the brow af the hill easily 200 yards away across some clear fell. There were about 14 hinds and a very nice stag, just a quick digression to say respect to Brian, we were about to pass on the group when he saw the tips of a stags antlers following the hinds over the brow ..... at 200 yards!!!!! We decided to try and stalk him as time was running out and he was just the sort of stag we were looking for despite the fact that we needed all the deer back over the brow before we could move. We waited until all the deer had their heads down to try and cross the low fence in front of us but there was one hind that kept looking in our direction and would not get her head down for more than a few seconds. Brian swore that as we were in the trees and out of the sunlight there was no way she could see us but she was aware that something was wrong. It took us a full five minutes to just step across the fence.

    The stalk was unsuccessful despite us eventually getting in to about 30 yards of the stag but I won't go into that - this just shows how spooky sika can be. The other thing is when they decide to go there's no hesitation like there is with other deer that might just have a look back, when sika go, they're off and that's that.

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