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Thread: Newbie from argyll

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    Newbie from argyll

    Alrighty everyone i am looking forward to joining in on this forum, i live in wet argyll, my interests are foxing and have done a small amont with deer but realy just getting started with that,i have just joined a syndicate for the first time with my good friend so looking for advise and help, my other main interest or addiction is landrovers mainly defenders but i do own a discovery,i own a remington 243/anshuts 22/hatsun 8 shot and i am on the lookout for a good 308, looking forward to getting the crack, cheers

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi wellcome mate

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    good evening and hope your up early in the morning!this good man is hopefully going to be dragging a few beasts for me tomorrow as im needing a gopher for a while after my hernia

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    Welcolme araon from Trossachs Deer Management(Central Scotland) and make sure you set your alarm

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    Welcome araon, advise would be -shoot as many of corkys hinds as you can cause hes far to many and you must need theraputic help if you own a defender
    after all how do think corky got that hernia -its all that heavy work he spends in below that one o his. cheers hope to meet you soon.

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