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Thread: 22.250 for mint and cwd

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    22.250 for mint and cwd

    Guys anybody out there using a 22.250 for the above? If so what is a good bullet to reload? With out blowing them up to much, I don't know very much about this cal , I shot a cwd this winter with my 308 and you could got your boot in the exit Thinking a 22.250 would be a good alternative any info would be great thanks. Sorry type era. Munty and cwd

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    hi jewfish
    i use my 22.250 for fox and muntjac
    when i use factory foder i use norma or privi with a soft nose 50/53/55 gr bullet
    ive now started reloading for this round and ime using sierra gameking 55gr boat tails
    meat damage is exceptable

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    Thanks6.5 could I ask what's the cost of the Norma ammo also do lapua sell factory ammo ?

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    I reload using 55grn Sierra Gamekings over H380.



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    Sierra 55gr 1360's (Spitzer) over Varget.

    Very accurate round & drops them on the spot with very little meat damage.

    Used this combo in various 22-250's for many years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewfish View Post
    Thanks6.5 could I ask what's the cost of the Norma ammo also do lapua sell factory ammo ?

    the norma factory ammo was very accurate in my rifle clover leaf groops BUT at a cost ,when i could find them they cost me 35 to 38 a box
    and when i had a 243 the winchester silvertip 95gr we costing me 42 a box ,thats why i now reload ,sorry dont know if lapua do factory ammo never come across it

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    Just sold my .22-250. The reason was MEAT DAMAGE !

    Great for fox , But hit a Muntie in the guts and its only fit for the bin as there is green every where. Chest shots are quick kills due the the masive Hydroscopic shock.
    Most if not all .22 Bullets are designed for fast explosive vermin control.

    Get a .243/25.06 or a 6.5 and use bullets with thick jackets designed for deer.

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    try get yourself a .222. no damage with them. i use mine up here in scotland for roe deer and they have enough knock down power too put them down without them taking a step. goo bullet choice and very effective.

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    Any of the .22 centre fires are fantastic for these two types of deer especially the cwd
    i tend to use hornady v max 55 grain and to be honest as long as you are off the shoulder meat damage is not that bad
    The same can be said for any calibre its all down to bullet placement
    regards andy

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