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Thread: Should we be allowed to shoot un-insured

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    Should we be allowed to shoot un-insured

    Does anyone feel that we should have compulsory insurance that lasts for the term of your FAC/Shotgun Certificate.
    If not why not?


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    I think anyone who is shooting should have some kind of 3rd party cover, but it shouldn't necessarily be linked to the certificate though. What if they go abroad to work for a couple of years or suffer an ilness etc..
    I certainly wouldn't shoot without it. My new estate insist on a minimum of 5 million cover! It looks good to a landowner if you are covered.

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    yes griff,

    i do think there is no excuse not to have it

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    i personally am covered through the BDS there insurance policy suits me down the ground i am also covered through another policy for any proffessional deer management contracting as well !!

    i would not go out with my rifle or shot gun with out it , its just peace of mind that god forbid there is an accident that you are covered !

    cheers lee

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    No you shouldnt be allowed or willing to shoot without the apropriate insurance or the apropriate training for the conditions you are anticipating to be in..

    The best or most comprehensive insurance is no cushion or excuse for professional training to be secondary

    Damn this stellas good.. feel like a drill instructor..
    time for another beer


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    No compulsory insurance. I think any insurance should be voluntary. Including car insurance and pensions - the biggest fraud of all times.

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    No i don't insurance is a rip off big time and that will only lead to a rise in costs soon as it becomes compulsory the underwriters will hype up the price. We are responsible people after all. The new bill we are to work under says we can do what we want as we are now trained and will do the right thing. I am waiting for the speed limits to be lifted off the roads so that i can drive at a speed i feel fit.

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    i dont think it should be compusary to have insurance for any type of shooting as its already hard enough for people to get into and more rules will only make it harder and put more people off and without fresh blood entering shooting how long will we last. im a strong beliver in the fact that if shooting were ever to be lost to the anti's it will be through over harsh laws regarding the ownership of guns and not the shooting is crule and injust crap they love to ram down the throats of the miss understood general public

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    I'm inclined to agree with some of what you say sir-lamp-alot. the various anti/green nutter groups are currently putting lots of cash into investigating the effects of lead, specifically from rifle bullets, in the groundwater. They are slowly building what will look like a very impressive scientific argument that shooting lead bullets is just not safe, it kills thousands of babies on Christmas Day, and this will be followed by demands for them to be banned. It will be impossible for us to fight this as it will have government and media support and so pointing out that lead is mined from the ground in the first place etc. etc. will be a lost cause as the matter will already be decided.

    I suspect the mistake they made with fox hunting was to focus on the fox rather than, as you imply, to have focused on how cruel the sport is to the horses and hounds. If they had removed access to horses and hounds then that would have been a tactic that would have worked for them.

    So, I suspect that at least some percentage of their attack on the shooting sports will be only indirectly related to the "cruelty to animals" angle and will be aimed at removing our access to the tools we need for the job. Let's face it the government aren't over the moon about us having guns even on a good day. We see this already on the grouse moors where they are not attacking the shooting of grouse but they are trying to make the public believe that grouse moors mean the destruction of all birds other than grouse, hen harriers have been a recent favourite in this battle.

    So how does insurance fit with this? Well, I have insurance and think it is a good idea but what happens if we MUST have insurance and the green nutters take out a range of extremely expensive legal actions against people who shoot lead bullets? All they need is one of their number to have a child who is unwell and they will claim this was caused by lead and will demand millions in compensation. Within a very short while there wouldn't be an insurance company in the country who would touch a shooter as the green nutters take legal action after legal action. Within a very short while none of us could shoot because none of us could get insured.

    So, I think we should all be insured and one of the first things I did when I started shooting was get insurance but I don't think it should be a legal requirement because it would be another chink in the defences through which the green vermin could crawl.

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    I have insurance and anybody who stalks with me on most of my perms must have it.

    But we should not be forced to have it. I am already forced to to do enough things before i can leave my property and use the public highway travelling to a private property and use my firearm which i have shown good reason to own and use.

    Just out of interest has anybody used their insurance for any reason


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