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Thread: Boresighting new rifle

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    Boresighting new rifle

    Hi All. Something thats been slightly nagging me. I've just bought a new Mauser M03 and stuck a 34mm tube scope on top. I'm going to the range in a couple of days to sight it in. I've bore sighted it at about 25m in my back garden and it seems to take up about 400mm of elevation movement on the scope. I know boresighting is approximate only but I've done this before with my other rifles before zeroing and they took up alot less adjustment on the scopes and my boresighting was pretty accurate when zeroing on the range.

    I know its all down to manufacturing tolerances but is 400mm (ish) too much? Should the rifle alighnment be more truer than this?

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    I think that, in fact, it is better to boresight (that is by looking through the barrel) at LONGER distances. After all as you are not actually firing a shot you might as well get as long a distance as possible.

    I'd bore sight onto, say an object at fifty yards or one hundred yards and set the 'scope on that.

    What mounts are you using? Can you set the reticule dead centre and then do any initial bore sighting adjustment on the 'scope?

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    I always bore sight at 100 yards and then fire my first shot at 25 yards. For me this seems to work and I am usually on my desired point of aim with 2 or 3 shots. That's just the system that suits me but I agree with Enfield you should bore sight at 100 yards.

    The manufacturing tolerances on the Mauser should be pretty good. I don't think that your way of measuring them is quite right, wait until you have tried the rifle out on the range.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Although I have stalked for many years I am a complete novice when I comes to the technicalities of ballistics etc., and I have a related question. I recently took a Nikko Sterling off my Steyr .243 and replaced it with a S&B using the same set of rings. I should say that the Nikko was spot on before I took it off. I tried to use a laser sighting cartridge to do the initial zeroing at 25 yards but could not elevate the scope enough to get the cross hairs on the dot - do I have an issue or will it all come good at 100 yards (metres)?
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    I would certainly bore sight your new combination Paul before I zeroed it. I personally don't have a lot of confidence in those laser sighting cartridges and while they may have their uses unless you confirm things by actual shooting you will never know. I think a colliminator is a more useful tool but that too has its limitations and have found bore sighting to be the best option for setting up a scope prior to zeroing.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi Buckshooter, my Mo3 is on the paper at 25 m when I have mounted a 30 mil scope carefully using a plumb line a few mts from the end of the barrel to line up the ret. the big difference between a 30 mil and 34 mil scope is the amount of elevation and windage adjustment they have, that may account for the difference.

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    bore sight as far away as you expect to zero if possible

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    Gents thanks for all your suggestions. I did bore sight it at approx 125m on to an object, through my back bedroom window, and the scope had to be adjusted approx 400-500 mm (at 100m) up to bring the cross hairs in line with the centre of the object. The rings that I was given with the Mauser mounts are actually the Blaser ones (9mm high) but they fit both mounts so no problem there. I do have alot of elevation adjustment on my scope (2.6m total) but then that was because I wanted that particular scope. I was just thinking had chosen a lower spec scope with say 1.1m of elevation range then I may have maxed out the movement in one direction. Does anyone know if the blaser rings have a drop compensation?

    Maybe I'm not bore sighting it correctly. I'm down the range tomorrow so hopefully will get a better picture then.

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    I personally boresight at 25m as otherwise I find I can't see what I'm aiming at down the bore! align POI and bore as they should be crossing over at around that range anyway. Test on paper at 50yds and draw the POI into the hole from the first shot (keeping the rifle VERY still). That should give me around 1" high at 100yds.

    seems to work ok with a few extra shots at 100 just to fine tune.

    everyone has a process, they all work as long as the bullet ends up in the right place, the only difference is how much ammo you waste in the process.

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    I find my neighbours bright yellow alarm box very handy for this kind of thing!!
    shows up very well down the bore!

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