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Thread: How long cooking

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    How long cooking

    I have two reasonable Muntie heads I would like to place on plaques, any ideas on a cook time, I had a couple of roe out of six I did that fell to pieces that ended up as a square skull cut

    I intend to skin them out and de cap , any pointers would be appreciated so they don't end up screwed to the front of the garden shed. Oooops den with rest of em. Cheers

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    Every thing you need to know is here:

    Boil your head

    Short version it..boil it for an hour...blast it with a pressure washer...pick the sticky bits off with a pair of forceps (fishing ones are fine)...bleach..mount
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I would skin them and tend to go for more like the 15 -30 minute mark with a little fairy liquid in the water then pressure wash the meat off the skull. You'll start to soften the bones if you over boil them so start off after 15 mins, I they need longer then put them back in for a few minutes and so on and so on.

    Personally I'd leave Muntjac full skull because then you can glue the tusks back in.

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    Thanks Guys

    Going on advice Methinks I may have over boiled a tad.



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