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Thread: Disappearing fox.

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    Disappearing fox.

    How is it possible to lose a huge bright orange dog fox in 6" of rape? I knew I'd hit it. I saw it go down and I didn't see it get up again. I heard the strike, like an elephant popping a football. It was little more than 100 yds off, 120 at the most. I left my sticks at the field edge as a marker and walked straight to it, and could I find it! I walked up and down that field systematically like I was mowing the lawn, sweeping the light side to side. I went back to the vehicle and got a brighter light. Must have searched for an hour. I gave up in the end and was ready to go. I walked back to the sticks and then thought I'd have one more quick look, and walked out again and there it was, like a bloody great orange log right where I'd started.
    How does this happen? They're even crafty when they're dead!

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    i know how you feel, did i, didnt i kill it !!
    this has happened to a couple of times in rape. my ess is normaly in the back of the truck, let him out and he finds the carcass.
    yes i did kill..

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    If you think that is difficult try hares. Out with a keeper on stubble, head shot a hare at 50yds with head shot, drove to pick it up vanished. Had two spaniels out couldn't find it, it seemed to vanish into thin air. Other problem is foxs on plough, can be v difficult to find. Helps to have a rangefinder so you get the distance correct.


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    Did the same thing Sunday - having missed or been too slow with the other three I saw, I finally nailed one and both me and my mate (who was lamping and driving the quad) heard it hit and saw it drop... couldn't find it when we went back to pick it up.

    It's at times like that I wish dogs could ride quads!

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    Happened to me last year, just in short grass took my eye off it whilst walking up to it from 120-130yards and it took me about an hour to find it. They blend in well!!!


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    I think anyone who has been out after Charlie a lot will have had this happen, Much to my disgust it happened to me last month IN THE SNOW!!!, just at the point of heading home for the dog when I literally tripped over it.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Foxes are often difficult to find in broken ground at night unless you get to shine the lamp
    on top of them. shining across broken ground leaves a lot of deep shadows
    I rember shooting three foxes in a rough field, I got a little disorientated and could only find one
    in the dark. next morning I found the other two easy as anything. I had been looking only a few yards
    away but just couldnt see them in torchlight.

    I ve even lost deer for hours, them having fell into an overgrown ditch,
    it was only perseverence and hands and knees tracking that eventually found them
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    Yep - I've even lost them when I've had my thermal with me. You only need the fox in question to fall behind some wet mud or a tussock of reeds and it's 'gone'. Until you find it half an hour later, seemingly right where you started searching...

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    Yes it's easily done, I have lost a couple using NV they are often further away then I think, cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramble View Post
    Yes it's easily done, I have lost a couple using NV they are often further away then I think, cheers
    I've found that with NV. I guess using lower mag than usual effects distance judging. I think it helps also if you can keep your eye on the quarry during follow through and get a fix on it as it settles. I couldn't last night. It was cold, I saw the bullet strike then everything was lost in muzzle vapour.
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