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Thread: Deer Skins

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    Deer Skins

    I need to buy some deer skins for a project, preferably one of each species. Can any one recommend a reliable source please?

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    If I'd saw you were after skins I could have given you a sika hide. I'm back to the ground end of the month so could poss get you one then. I would have thought there are enough chaps on here in your area to sort you out with a few varieties. ATB

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    Woodmaster sika season finishes 15feb in Scotland unless you have an out of season license good luck
    Atb tom

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    Yep there is an out of season licence. Not sure what happened to our phone call the other day I think I must have lost you. Can't remember if I've got your number to call back. Did you find anything yet?

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    Do they need to be tanned? I've got a nice neck shot common fallow doe in the chiller which will be available for free and just down the road from you.

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    If you want them I can keep the next munty or roe skins I shoot, what time frame do you need them in? Would offer red but they go to the game dealer whole......could be worth giving them a call though?

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    I'll have some reds next week if you want, not taned I'm afraid.

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    May be able to supply Munty and Roe, but will be chest shot.

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    CWD no problem
    regards andy

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    Hiya whereabouts in Suffolk are you bazil

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