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Thread: Defender value?

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    Defender value?

    Hi all... I am looking to move my Defender and was wondering how much for a trade or private sale?
    October 2007 90XS
    Sornoway grey
    Mantec steering guard
    Soft A bar
    Full genuine seat covers
    Full rubber mats front and rear
    SVX diamond cut alloys
    New Khumo KL71's in 265 (5)
    Boost alloys with new 265 BFG muds
    hella dynaview lamps
    Cargo guard
    Rifle rack
    Factory towbar
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    Will this be a early tdci or late td5?


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    This will be the tdci and by the sounds of it , just run in .
    Im tempted Very tempted !!!
    Red dot have you a figure in mind ? you can pm me .

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    Yes its a Puma tdci and it is as new with oil and filters done every year. Choice of the two complete alloy/tyre combos. Rear seats removed at present and have never been sat on, the fronts have been covered since deoivery. One image in my gallery.

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    this is a cracking landrover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    About 8,ooo,ooo going by what I`ve seen landies go for recentley.

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    I know, got a quote for a new one and it was more than an Edinburgh Tram!!

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    Had it valued by several "guides" and my local LR outlet and in standard XS trim it is booking at 16,500 trade and 19,950 retail.
    SVX alloys & kl71's 1500
    Mantec steering guard 300
    Cargo guard 300
    Rubber mats f/r 200
    Sunroof 350

    Towbar 300
    Seat covers 150
    Hellas fitted 200
    Rifle rack 30
    Jeeze i think i'll just keep it!!

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    Don’t know what land rover dealers are doing this year swap mine every 2 years .

    Last swap June 2011 done 23k 2600 to swap+ road tax +vat
    This year done 20k 5400 to swap +tax +vat
    Jeeze i think i'll just keep it!!

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    My local dealer are buying them from the classifieds and selling for over top book. The new price has shot up too and put a new one out of my reach. So much for the treble dip.

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