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Thread: reloading advice

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    reloading advice

    Hi all
    I need some advice , am thinking of starting reloading looking at 308 & 223
    Some questions i have are.

    What will i need to get going
    Can i mail order all i need in tems of bullits
    Does anybody have any reloading gear they are looking to sell?
    kind Regards
    Hoogs :

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    reloading advice

    Hi Hoogs,

    I been reloading for almost a year, with good results in my .243.
    My advice to you is to read as much as you can on the subject i bought the lee reloading guide (second edition) and was really helpfull.

    As for equipment i bought the lee anniversary kit this has everything you need to start except dies. I bought the lee delux die set as it included the neck sizing die.

    expanding bullets can't be bought mail order you have to get them from your rfd.

    I spent about 250 to start with, this included powder, bullets and kit add another 75 - 100 for each caliber you load.

    hope this helps

    Regards Pete

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    .223 RELOADING

    Vit N133 powder 24.8 grains (their accuracy load) under 40grain Nosler ballistic tip, I also use 52grain A-max , ALWAYS start a little lower with powder measure & work up to your best result in your rifle, checking for pressure signs as you go, the above in my Tikka M595 produces a six round group all clipping each other @ 100yds, sticky bolt lift/extractor struggling/primers excessively flattened or deformed/ are all danger signs!

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