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Thread: Various twin cab 4x4 pickups

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    Various twin cab 4x4 pickups

    Make Model Current Location Colour Mileage Price
    Nissan Navara Tekna D/C DCI BIRMINGHAM Black 62333 9,100
    Nissan Navara Tekna D/C DCI LEEDS White 20353 13,600
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior Newcastle Grey 10,100
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior NOTTINGHAM Grey 10,500
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior GLASGOW Grey 40005 11,200
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior London Grey 37485 12,500
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior STHELENS Grey 40370 12,300
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior CARDIFF Grey 10,600
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior NOTTINGHAM Grey 39229 12,400
    MITSUBISHI L200 Animal STHELENS Dark Grey 42175 13,600
    MITSUBISHI L200 Warrior London Grey 12,600
    Mitsubishi L200 Animal Newcastle Dark Grey 10,900
    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior ROMSEY Dark Grey 67660 9,600
    Nissan Navara Tekna CARDIFF White 21025 13,950
    Nissan Navara Outlaw ROMSEY Blue 14,500
    Nissan Navara Tekna GLASGOW (Slate?) Grey 9,801
    Nissan Navara Tekna Newcastle (Slate?) Grey 10,150

    All, Set out above are a variety of pickups we are disposing of.
    These all have FSH and the majority have boxes and load liners.
    All (bar one) are in VERY GOOD condition and non have been used off road.

    If you are interested in any of these please feel free to contact via PM or on 07798 588 814.

    All can be located to any one of our Depots across the country. I shall update missing information as I get it through. Photo's available upon request.

    These are being offered to the site instead of going through trade as a number of stalkers I know are after pickups. We can not give a warranty on the vehicles (though can warrant the mileage (trackers) ). We would of course be reasonable if there was any fault.

    We are not motor dealers nor connected to the motor trade; other then manufacturing trailers.

    Hope these find a good home (and someone to actually engage diff lock every now and then!).

    Reason for sale: Change in company car policy.

    Thanks for reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    What no 'Yota's?
    Too late. Taliban already bought them
    Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it, hump it or learn from it then piss on it and walk away.

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    Sorry no Taliban technicals!

    All prices are VAT inclusive.



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    Sorry... was too busy deleting the reg, forgot to leave the year on. the oldest are a 59 plate the newest are 61 plate. The white navara's are on a 61. The dark grey navara's are on 59 and 60 plates.

    I will update the table above with the years tomorrow.

    Apologies for that.


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    I have just bought a 2010 L200 Warrior from SMH Products. The vehicle is exactly as described and in very good condition, even serviced this week.
    I have found Oliver Smith and his local manager at the Notts depot to be genuine, friendly and very helpful. A pleasure to deal with.

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