(....wasn't sure where to post this; Admin - feel free to relocate if classifieds is more appropriate)

My elder brother rang me whilst I was driving home from work tonight with a request for help.

He's directing a music video on Friday this week and needs some antlers and/or horns (gawd knows what he's doing, he's the creative one out of the two of us....)

Anyway - I only have a couple of sets of roe antlers knocking about, and due to work commitments, I wouldn't be able to get these down to him for Thursday in readiness for Friday (I live up in the NW, he lives down in Rickmansworth)

So - here's the call for help......are there any members that live or will be passing by close(ish) to Rickmansworth, or even that side of London, that have any antlers/horns knocking around that could be loaned/given to my brother for his video? (Him collecting may be a possibility depending upon when/where)

If anybody thinks that may be able to help, drop me a PM and I'll give you my brother's mobile number, as he'll have to sort out any logistics for getting them to/from.

I don't think he's too specific about type, etc. Thanks in advance for any help offered!