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Thread: About Ticks

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    About Ticks

    Why have we got so many this year, everywher seems to be crawling with them.

    Also if Dogs can have Frontline/Advantix etc, why haven't humans got something similar?


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    I agree with The Croc there does seem to be a great deal of ticks about this year.

    Milder winters is probably a major cause. At present I am just finishing the last lot of antibiotics after contracting Lymes Disease in West Sussex.

    First time I have ever had it, but after some 30 years of stalking I suppose its about time

    Keep checking for the little buggers, Lymes Disease is to be avoided.

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    Sorry to hear about the Lymes, was that from a tick you pulled out or one that bit and left without you knowing?

    Does anyone know why there isn't a frontline(or similar) for humans?


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