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Thread: 243 87grain vmax load

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    243 87grain vmax load

    Hi Lads

    ive got some 87 grain vmax i what to load in my 243

    ive got vit150 and lovex S065 powder

    anybody got any loads using these powders with this bullet ????



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    Vih Web site states;
    Starting load 29.3g
    Max load 35.2g

    These are both shown for an 85g Partition.

    There are better powders for the .243. N150 is excellent for .308. I use and swear by 87g V-Max with 37.3g N140 which in my Pac Nor barrel gives 3120. Precision.

    As always work your loads up.

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    I was using Varget with the 87-75v max.It works a treat.


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    N140 powder 37gr, 87 vmax. 243's love that combo!

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    hi ya i have the hornaday 87gr vmax i have vitt n160 fed primer 210 87gr vmax what would be the best for it now on hornaday they say 41.8 of powder ? sorry its a howa 1500 243

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    87gr V Max
    H4895 - 34gr
    COL 2,625
    Vel - 2970fps out of 22 inch sporter.
    use Lapua cases.

    Can get over 200 rounds out of a 1lb tub. 7000gr for 1lb tub (50ish) = 205 rounds at 24 pence each for the powder.

    produces 1/2 MOA and its under Max powder, I went for accuracy over speed.

    good luck.

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