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    Diggle ranges

    Saw a mention of diggle on a recent post, I grew up nearby and back in the day could pretty much just turn up and have a go! It looks a lot more formal now, but is it possible to shoot there without being a member? My sister still lives in Saddleworth and it would be great to take the nephew away from his Xbox and do it for real

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    Yes you can turn up and shoot as long as D range is available and as long as a member is shooting on that range. It depends on what comp is going on that particular day.

    It isn't for example like Minsterley where you can just turn up, pay and shoot by comparison.

    Everyone is welcoming at Diggle so no issues there but as I say it depends on a few factors as to if you can get on a range to shoot.

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    Would say your best way of finding out about Diggle is to contact Vince Bottomley he is the membership secretary.
    He will be able to advise you as to what is possible, you could contact him via target shooter magazine,he is also sometimes on UK varminting.
    The club is as said very friendly,when I was living just down the road would go up quite frequently there is also a shop on site now run by Brian Fox.
    Just wish it wasn't so far from Oxford as there are a lot of very knowledgeable shooters that are members or come to shoot comps.

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    Fantastic! Many thanks for the info, it sounds like it's really come on - I was last there closer to 20 years ago than I would care to admit...

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