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Thread: Wye Dean Rally 2013

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    Wye Dean Rally 2013

    Just wondered how many people were going to watch it this Saturday, also it is such a shame we will be no longer seeing Andrew Burton and his Peugeot Cosworth

    For those that have not see it you can hear it coming from miles away haha and this is worth a watch!

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    i had to play that vid on full volume hell of an engineerand driver

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    It's a shame he's not allowed to use this car anymore.

    He only live's in the next village to me and have seen his various projects over the years.
    From a space frame beach buggy with a flat 6 Corvair engine ( which I bought off him), his wifes Lancia, the imfamous 'Donkey', ferrari 308GT4 powered Alfa Romeo, another amazing car that p****ed over a lot of the 4 wheel drive jobs. Then the cosworth powered metro 6R4, you could also hear that one a mile off.


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    Awesome, two of the guys i work with will probably be there taking photos.

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    Oh the mammaries...i mean memories!
    Hannu Mikkola flying past me at about 80mph having taken the near side front wheel and suspension off on a tree and throwing his codriver onto the opposite side back of his quattro to cling on for dear life until the end of the stage.
    That french lass that always got a bit of movement going in the trouser dept...cant remember her name...was it michelle mouflon?
    DAve Rees engineering's fiesta and escort with 2.2Hart inj mid mounted in them...terrifyingly fast
    Ah, those where the days when cars were cars and rally drivers were...........usually badly injured..hmmmm
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