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    bushnell scope

    Ive purchased a bushnell banner scope for my .22 and ive read stories on forums about fake rifle scopes around. I was wondering what country bushnell manufactures their scopes so i can check when it arrives. Thanks in advance.

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    i have a Banner on my 30-06 have had for about 5 years. It was made in China. it has performed with excellent results in all weathers. i also have a Bushnell Legend on my 243 (4 years) agian cant fault it and i think that one is Chinese biult. dont know how to spot a fake but I would be very suspicous if they were too cheap.

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    i have an old 3x9 56 banner made in japan, gloss painted but now matt black,, going to use it for a .22 bunny basher

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    All the better bushy scopes are definately made in Japan, don't know about mid to low end. Got a nice copy of a bushy off ebay that went on my rimfire for free when I asked the guy for a refund because it was a knock off. Fastest refund ever when I told him it was a fake!

    Just ask vickers, they can tell you over the phone.
    Customer Services & Repairs

    JJ Vickers & Sons Ltd
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    Tel: +44 (0)1634 201284

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    Hi, wont need to any further, didnt even bother looking through the lens, from even a buyers point of view a pathetic attemp at faking. Came yesterday will be sent back today for a refund. Thanks guys.

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