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Thread: Leica Geovid BRF 10x42

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    Leica Geovid BRF 10x42

    Just been down to pickup a pair of Leica Geovid BFR 10x42 from Swillington Shooting Supplies in Leeds.
    I went to buy a pair of the new HD models but thought the older versions looked brighter and for an extra 300 I thought I would stick with the none HD version.
    I haven't had a chance to use them in the field yet but already I can see they are miles better than the Burris Full Fields I have been using for the past year.
    The range finder facility, I know is a luxury, and I will probably only use it until I can range for myself. But it is a luxury that will aid and hopefully speed along my own rangefinding skills.

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    They certainly are a luxury Steve and you are very lucky to own such an expensive set. If you can afford them why not.


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    steve oh
    just bought a pair of the same but hd s really pleased with them
    think my eyes are getting to knackered to tell the difference
    atb pete .

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    The pleasure of buying really good quality kit is that the pleasure of using it will long outlast the pain of buying them.

    The downside of buying really good kit is that you don't need to buy it ever again.

    But then he who has most and most expensive toys wins.

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    i agree with that ! ive not long brought the non HD ultavids 10x50 they really opened my eye s couldnt quite strech to the range finder model the pinifore government said NO lol ! , now i take great pleasure at looking at anything from rabbits to stags .

    cheers lee

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    I was lucky enough to be working at the time I got my 10x42 Geovids so could withstand the cost, I have tested myself many times against the laser, & been very close & also VERY badly out, range estimation is a good thing to practice, but if you have a technical advantage you should use it always!Steve.

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    Having 'made-do' all my working hill life, I finally saved enough to treat myself to a pair of geovids. In my case 8 X 42 as the freeholding hand does not get steadier.

    A couple of things. I wish like anything that I had bitten the bullet and given myself the advantage of such a spectacular lens all those years ago.

    I know the cost is big - but time passes and beer - which also costs money - flows over the bar - if you see what I mean.
    With me it was not beer but a landsman's wage and raising a family, but I think I could have done it if I had not been so stiff-necked and done it on tick.

    The fact is that good glasses do help and increase enjoyment but they don't replace stalking skill, (I have to qualify that by picking up a twitching ear in heavy woodland and there you have the exception).

    The other thing is that in all the years I've spent on the hill, I suppose that most of my ranged guesstimates have been reasonable enough - certainly to within the tolerances of a flat-shooting high velocity rifle, but step back sixty years to open sights and low velocity cartridges and you'd have a different ball game.
    Now, were those stalkers better at judging distances or were there more misses under ?
    We'll never know.

    So now I have the dream and I've stepped out a guestimate range then certified it with the rangefinder. A yard or two out at 100 paces on rough ground - not bad - but atmospherics change the perception of distances and there are days when the beast can look fine and far-off. The dim blue light often encountered on the hill can be misleading.

    Then the drop of the bullet from the favourite rifle and cartridge compared against the rangefinder at various shooting distances.

    Glass your beast - range it - know what your bullet will do at that range.

    It certainly takes a lot of the guesswork out of it if ever the question arises.

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