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Thread: New member saying hello,

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    New member saying hello,

    Hi, My name is Peter,

    I live in the UK, in West Yorkshire, bias to the Lancashire border for my sins, we live in a moor top location and been interested in guns since childhood.

    I have held and currently hold shotgun and FA Certificates and have done for more than 20+ years with really occasional use due to time and business commitments. ( local pest control inc)

    I have been on several sites similar to this and thought I would join to possibly get more insight to shooting and stalking that a site like this can offer from like minded and experienced folk.

    I really haven't had the time to commit more to the shooting life of late, but due to circumstances I need much more knowledge of rifles for more a "on site " use. Raynard! the fox.

    Having decimated our 50 plus chicken stock systematically over the last few weeks, he needs attention!

    Having only a .22 rim fire to control the rabbits and rats on our property its not legal to shoot foxes with so..........

    Having done a amount of basic research on rifles for fox control its always better to get some more expert opinion on the case, believe the 22-250 is a great choice.

    I used to shoot a lot with my brother Baz from Huddersfield ( fanatic on stalking, shooting in general ) with .243, .222 and other firearms he had, but sadly on his sad death whilst on a deer stalk in Cumbria many years ago, larger rifle use as passed me by.

    So guys whats the advice and welcome will it be!

    PS will be looking to buy a suitable rifle, scope and other kit, new or old once type and model is agreed on by your advice and others.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site.
    I use a 22-250 for the fox love the thing
    nice and flat. A friend has 223 for the same job
    both are fine

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