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Thread: Sticky plastic magazines on Manlicher Tatical Scout

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    Sticky plastic magazines on Manlicher Tatical Scout

    I bought a sh Tatical Scout a couple of years ago, cracking rifle and groups well with any factory ammo i've put throu it. Only problem is the magazines have always been a bit sticky and getting worse (usually 2nd last rnd wont breech) the gunsmith i bought it of is a bit away and i would not reccommend him to anyone. good choice of rifles but aftersales as far as i'm concerned has been terrible. Think he knows i wont travel down so he jist ignores me, so i have given up on him.

    His advice is spray with wd40 which i have many times and makes no difference. i recently heard that this is a fairly common problem with these rifles does anyone have any experience or solutions to this problem.

    I am thinking of undoing the 4 small screws that hold the bottom of clip and lubricating with vaseline/grease although this may attract dirt/grit and make it worse. Would a dry type lubricant be better or better jist with new springs. I take it is fairly a simple job to strip a magazine .
    Cheers in advance for any advice suggestions.

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    The Tac Scout mag is relatively easy to strip and clean - my mate has it down to a fine art and can do it on the range in 5mins. Just take it slow, be mathodical and watch out for the spring.

    An alternate 'quickie' that occassionally works is to flush the magazine out with a little petrol or lighter fuel - just for a few seconds and wait until it thoroughly dries before using!

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    cheers scotsgun, thought it looked fairly simple from the outside, a lot of thigs do until you start taking it apart and not quite so simple. whoops. did your mate ever put any lubrication on it or jist dry striped wee clean and back together dry. the gunsmith advised flushing wi wd40 which has never worked very well, will try to strip it next nite or so. cheers again

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    I had exactly this problem with a new Steyr Mannlicher a few years ago. The third round down in the magazine would hit the face of the breech rather than chamber about 50% of the time. The Mannlicher does not have a conventional raceway to guide the round into the chamber, therefore, the round must leave the magazine at exactly the right angle to make it into the chamber.

    If the geometry of the front lip of the magazine is out no amount of messing will sort it.

    My dealer got me a new mag from the importers no questions asked. Arrived in aboout 4 days. New mag is perfect, never had a fail-to-feed.

    I would contact The Sportsman. They are the importers. Name and shame the dealer for being a *****.

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    out the other nite lamping foxes, spotted one loaded rifle up(or thought i did) lamp on fox wasnae keen to sit still, eventually did pulled the trigger and click, no round in must have stuck in magazine. bugger never seen that fox again rest of night.
    1st time happened on live game. i stripped the mags down and lubricated them with silicon lubricant, they seemed better and thought i had cured it.
    occasionaly some of the bullet casings are also getting dented on the neck not sure if the bolt sliding over the top of them is causing it or as they slide into the breech. it is only occasionally and surprisingly it doesnt seem to effect the zero as i kept a couple seperate for targets.

    Phoned up sportsman as out of warranty new mag's 50 and dont do replacement springs. as both mags doing it is it more likely the springs are tired than 2 ill fitting magazines? i dont really want to spend 50 if its not guarranteed to fix the problem.
    if it is the spring is there anywhere else that might have a similar spring to fit it. or the home made option if i shape a bit of thin ply wood and put it below the spring to act as a spacer it should compress the spring a little and make it stronger? wouldn't normally do homemade gunsmithing but can't see that cuasing any harm. i'm i right or wrong any ideas

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    If you have a local watch/clock mender near you, you might get the spring re-tempered?

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    You might try graphite powder or rubbing a soft pencil over the mag lips and the sides of the follower.

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