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Thread: Quad bike insurance

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    Quad bike insurance

    Done to death I know but who is the best company to insure Quad Bike with and how much,I have previously done it through a farm insurance with NFU.Thanks guys .Wf1

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    Trying to renew mine at the moment... currently about 200 fully comp through Lexham. Just got a quote from NFU - 350

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    Just changed my Ranger insurance from NFU to Cornish Mutual and saved 350! So I added the quad bike as well for 100. Yes I know I was paying too much before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Trying to renew mine at the moment... currently about 200 fully comp through Lexham. Just got a quote from NFU - 350
    I have a 2008 yamaha grizzly quad its worth around 3000, i am no farmer, I am a recreational stalker and I use it for stalking more so when in Scotland, this quad is not argriucultral or road registered, however, i do worry sometimes when have to cross very rough terrain and steep slopes as accidents do happen, is there a insurance policy for this very purpose. I would also like to be covered for theft when left at home locked up in may garage and also when taken out stalking I aways lock the quad onto its trailer and the trailer locked onto my vehicle when stalking. I dont think my vehicle would insurance would cover quad and trailer if involved in an accident whilst being towed on the road?

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    I've moved all my insurance away from NFU now , there are just no longer even close to being competitive.

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    I have a vintage tractor insured with NFU for peanuts so I thought they might be able to do something together with the quad but clearly not. What other companies are worth trying? Typical me I've left it to the last minute as usual so have had renewed with Lexham. They tried it on by raising the premium AND the excess but I threw a strop and they did it for the same price as last year.

    Will definitely shop around next year!

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    Polaris 800 efi road legal ( agriculture)165 wih bike sure. They must be linked some how to NFU because i could use my no claims bonus off my Nissan double cab.

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